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Chris M.

After my two hair transplants, I used the Circulation products from KÖ-HAIR on recommendation. I am firmly convinced that my great results and good growth rate were positively influenced by the products and I still use the Loading Capsules today. An absolute recommendation for all men with hair transplant.

Felix S.

I am very happy with the results I have achieved from taking the Loading Capsules. I simply integrated them into my morning routine. In my case, it quickly became apparent that I was losing significantly less hair. A result that definitely surprised me very positively.

Stephan P.

This system that builds on each other convinced me. I use several of the Circulation products. If I had discovered them earlier, I could have massively slowed down my hair loss years ago. I even had products from the pharmacy at times, but I wasn't nearly as satisfied with their effect as the Circulation products.

Specialists of KÖ-HAIR CLINIC

Doctor for Aesthetic Medicine

Nicole Esters

Specialist in Surgery

Martin Lappe

Specialist in plastic aesthetic surgery

Dr. med Sandra Münchow

Specialist in plastic aesthetic surgery

Dr. med Firas Kour