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Redensyl Quartett Bundle gegen Haarausfall für Männer
Redensyl Quartett Bundle gegen Haarausfall für Männer

Quartet bundle against hair loss for men

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KÖ-Hair Redensyl Power Quartet: The elite of hair care

A full, vital head of hair is not only an expression of beauty, but also reflects inner health. With the KÖ-Hair Redensyl Power Quartet you are relying on a groundbreaking compilation that is dedicated to holistic hair care.

1. KÖ-HAIR Circulation Shampoo: A premium shampoo that can promote blood circulation to the scalp and support hair growth with 1% Redensyl. The accompanying vitamin and plant extract complex makes it the ideal companion for anyone looking for intensive yet gentle care - especially for dry and flaky scalp.

2. KÖ-HAIR Circulation Serum Spray: This powerful serum, enriched with 3% Redensyl as well as specially selected ingredients such as caffeine and nettle extract, aims to strengthen and protect the scalp. It nourishes the hair roots and forms a potential barrier against external stress.

3. KÖ-HAIR Hair Loading Capsules: These nutritional supplement capsules could be the bridge to providing your hair with the essential nutrients it needs. Enriched with an exclusive blend of sulforaphane, pumpkin seed, saw palmetto extract and millet, these capsules could strengthen and vitalize your hair from within.

4. KÖ-HAIR Hair Tonic: This tonic rounds out the quartet by providing deep care while promoting hair growth. Its selected ingredients work hand in hand with the other products in the set to support the health of your scalp and hair.

Why Redensyl? Redensyl has shown impressive potential in scientific research - sometimes even more effective than traditional treatments such as minoxidil. It could help minimize hair loss, strengthen hair structure and promote growth.

How to integrate the power quartet perfectly into your routine:

  • The Shampoo Use 2-3 times a week: Massage gently into the scalp and rinse thoroughly.
  • The Serum Spray Apply daily, ideally after washing your hair. Rinsing is not necessary.
  • One a day Hair Loading Capsule Take as a dietary supplement with water.
  • The Hair Tonic Use regularly, preferably daily, after washing your hair, working directly into the scalp.

Rely on the KÖ-Hair Redensyl Power Quartet if you are looking for holistic and optimally coordinated hair care - from root to tip!