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Exciting football evening: Germany vs. Switzerland

Spannender Fußballabend: Deutschland vs. Schweiz

Tonight at 9:00 p.m. the time has come: Germany will meet Switzerland at the 2024 European Championship. A game that not only makes the hearts of football fans beat faster, but is also eagerly awaited.

On-field performance: what to expect

Both teams have proven themselves with strong performances in Group A and are now fighting for a place in the next round. Expect tactical finesse, passionate commitment and outstanding moments that could make football history.

Style and confidence off the pitch

Not only skills on the field, but also demeanor off the pitch play a big role. A well-groomed appearance can strengthen self-confidence and have a positive effect on performance. This is where Kö-Hair comes into play.

Kö-Hair: A boost for self-confidence


Our Kö-Hair Circulation Serum Spray, enriched with Redensyl, is the secret weapon for everyone. Not only does it support scalp health, but it also gives each hair strand more strength and vitality. A quick pre-game spray can work wonders!

Before the kickoff: Preparation is everything

Just as players warm up, fans should also prepare. Whether you're watching the game from home or attending the public viewing, a few sprays of our Kö-Hair Serum Spray will help you look your best.

Key players and their influence on the game

Watch out for key players like Germany's midfield powerhouse and Switzerland's defensive prowess, who will have a big impact on the game. Their technique and determination on the field are often a reflection of the discipline they display off the field.

Support your team with style

Show your support not only by cheering, but also by appearing stylish. Kö-Hair helps you perform at your best so you can fully concentrate on the game.